Extremely improve a factory full of disorderly Oil and Chips.

In fact, the shot gun blower has many problems on site ?
If you have demand, its best solution through production.

Additional Function
• Wide swing air nozzle
• Strong straight air nozzle
• Lon air shower to demagnetize workpiece
• Fan motor vacuums the oil mist and paper filter catches the tiny chips in the bottom.
• Hand free foot switch with automatic off timer installed.
• And more …

Installation Effect

Before (with air-gun)
• Oil and Chips spread into the air, on the floor, and even clothes, making the whole workshop unclean as usual.
• 5S is hard to maintain in the oily factory.
• Waste productivity because of the stand-by time in work.
• Waste energy because air fun loads too much air on the air compressor.

After (with Ecoblower)
• Keep you and your workshop clean and neat.
• Keep it easy to maintain 5S.
• Make it better productivity without stand-by time.
• Save power energy to us air economically.


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