「Manufacture」 absolute supremacy!

We provide Products which world-class quality in Vietnam

In order to maintain the competitiveness of Japanese industries, the key industries of past until now and in future have to consider the “Manufacturing”

In present, Domestic companies of Japan have much competition with the world. We knew and understood this competition meets many difficult. However, with promotion of global about responsible right and ability to specialize, the No.1 favourite of Japanese is ability for specialize in alls field. Will be regrettable if not promoted that ability, the “Manufaturing” of Japan is believing that can become the King and reign.

Founded nearly 60 years, our mission is establish set the “Manufacture a good product” to satify and commonly used in worldwide.

The developing of Technology has been specializing Technology from the Parent Company in Japan, Product is manufactured in Vietnam with the competitive cost. This is our thinking.

– Management Philosophy -

1. The concept about the value of work:

Relate positively to the business value of customers, implement backlog work of customers.

2. The value of contributing to social:

The spirit “Manufaturing”of Japan, “Manufacturing” is establish to apply widely in the World.

3. The Value of Organization:

Desire that The team have to create continuously, seek the higher added value.

4. The value of human resources:

Try to rise up to build by capacity of ourselves, healthy competition, focuse to everyone going forward.

Company Name SEEBEST Co.,Ltd
Representative Name General Director : Mr. Junichi Tanoi
Business Description + Assembly – process medical devices.

+ Manufacture, process the automotive parts.

+ Design and manufacture the inspection – processing tools

+ Create CAD 3D drawing

+ Process the welding slim metal sheet

+ Design and manufacture the tools

+ Other hand, perform manufaturing the other precision parts as (mechanical processing, heat treatment, surface treatment, grinding-filing)

Produce + Perform the sales – manufacture – assembly for medical devices

+ Perform the sales – manufacture – assembly for the Turbo engine parts.

+ Perform the sales – production plan for tools, jig…

+ Perform the sales/make manufacturing contract/production plan for welding the metal sheets.

+ The bussiness, manufacture OEM / equipment production plan .

Adress VSIP 1 IP

No.18, Dai Lo Tu Do, VSIP-1, Thuan An Town

Binh Duong

TEL/ FAX / E-mail 0650-3767672 / 0650-3767673 /
Mr.Junichi Tanoi 091-969-8075 /
Mr.Kazuo Eda 0125-458-7909 /
Establish Date 2006/01/24
Capital USD 2,300,000.00 (TANOI 100% investment )
Parent Company TANOI Co., Ltd.

322-0026 Tochigi Kanuma Moro 811-5

TEL : 0289-76-1468 FAX : 0289-76-1469



Employee 152 people
Account Period The end of December
Bank Sacombank – Vietcombank
ISO 9001:2000, 9001:2008
Value Customer - NSK(Medical Parts)

– FSV(Impeller for Turbochanger)

– IHI Group(ITT, ICSI, WIT)(Impeller for Turbochanger)

– Borg Warner(Impeller for Turbochanger)

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Land area

Factory area

- 14,421 m2 (Construction area)

– Turbo factory: 3,000 m2 + Medical factory: 3,000 m2.